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September 27, 2020

This elaborate method takes the best practices of co-development from the past 50 years both in Europe and North America and applies them to collective stakes. Thus, we can speak of strategic co-development as it applies to four types of complex situations (hence the name Synergy4). It can then unfold into 3 formulas: face-to-face, digital (useful when working remotely on the global scale) but also in a blended form (face-to-face with a laptop) using digital sprints. Synergy4 is at the heart of employees' engagement within any organization. A work to recommend to all decision-makers and managers confronted with complex situations in a world that is becoming more and more VUCA.

Guillaume Peter, consultant in collective performance, founder and entrepreneur at TIMBER CONSEIL

September 27, 2020

The Synergy4 method is very useful for business discussions, because by using collective intelligence, a group vision can be developed. This allows me to make better decisions faster and increase the level of trust of the team and the organization.

Daniel Blanchette, Communication and Management Consultant

September 27, 2020

A very didactic, pedagogical, inspired book... which presents an excellent method for managing complex situations. It invites the manager to take a position of humility without losing its legitimacy!

Chrystèle Verfaille, Head of Transformation and Development Projects at BNP Paribas