The Synergy4 Method

You can download the pack after paying with PayPal.

The PACK of the book is designed for consultants and costs 29 euros (individual license). If you are a manager, go to the book's PACK The Paradoxal Manager (9 USD).

It includes documents that are the digital version (Word format) of the tools presented in the book. There is also exclusive content (PPT, surveys, evaluations...).

This PACK includes 16 documents:

  • PowerPoint Synergy4 Strategic Codev (decision-making excellence) of 59 slides + 2 questionnaires for the preparation of your meetings (organizer & participants) + 1 template of the message to send to the participants + 1 document explaining what is a complex subject + 1 debriefing questionnaire for the organizer + 1 questionnaire for the evaluation of your meetings.

  • PowerPoint Synergy4 Managerial Codev (managerial excellence) of 43 slides + 1 questionnaire for the preparation.

  • PowerPoint Synergy4-FORUM Strategic Codev (large groups) of 53 slides for the main facilitator + 1 facilitation document for co-facilitators and participants.

  • A document for the management of your reflection box and a template of a survey to detect weak signals and identify your collective stakes in order to build an agile strategy.

  • A PDF document about the basics of decision-making excellence (extracts from the book The Tea Strategy) to send to participants before a Synergy4 meeting if you want to prepare them.

  • A PPT document for the facilitation of digital sprints (augmented conversation).

  • A document for the facilitation of the Synergy4-HR variant (High Risk).

License: One person. Contact us if you wish to get a license for your organization:



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