The Synergy4 Method

Listen — Reflect — Co-construct

This book offers a new method to facilitate meetings when you need to mobilize collective intelligence on complex topics: high added value, but also a high risk of being wrong!

Most meetings serve to coordinate and inform in order to be more productive. In some situations, that is not enough. We must be more agile. Agility allows us to look ahead and identify weak signals to avoid walls and seize opportunities.

Major decisions (complex subjects) are not co-constructed by mobilizing collective intelligence (collective reflection meetings) but rather with a mindset of power and status. This is far from being optimal. These major decisions lead to dozens or hundreds of small decisions that we will then implement through meetings. The less relevant the major decision is, the greater the number of coordination meetings.

Designed specifically for meetings where agility is essential, Synergy4 can be summarized in three promises: 100% success, 100% engagement, and above all, 100% enjoyment!

With this practical guide, you will be able to autonomously facilitate meetings as a manager or as a consultant/facilitator.