The Chief Always Listens First

“This book allows you to grasp the full power of the word listening. More than a behavior, it is a strategic know-how to reach decision-making excellence and operational excellence. Beyond simple listening, Olivier Zara proposes a complete approach with simple and powerful protocols such as feedforward to durably develop engagement and agility.” Florent Lafarge, Certified Coach, Director of Employee Engagement Operations at L'Oréal

The Foundations of Your Operational and Decision-Making Excellence

The lack of listening is one of the main causes of disengagement within organizations. While no one denies the importance of this practice, it is often difficult to find the time to listen in an environment where transformations have been taking place for years in a state of constant urgency.

Many organizations offer their teams coaching or training on listening techniques. Despite these investments, however, managerial listening has made little progress.

Although these approaches bring about a necessary awareness in the long term, it is difficult to transform intention into reality for a simple reason: listening is mainly addressed under the angle of a soft skill, a posture and not as know-how.

By implementing operational listening and feedforward techniques, each manager will be able to acquire a strategic skill and assume the role of Chief Listening Officer throughout their career so that operational and decision-making excellence can be achieved with greater ease.