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July 19, 2016

Simple, precise and instructive. Everything you need to know, quickly. A book that can be read over and over again as your management experience evolves.

Jean-Marc Peremarti, Director of the Master Science 2 Program at INSEEC Bordeaux and Management Consultant

September 27, 2020

An excellent work that I reread regularly to verify that I am headed in the right direction. Each theme is approached as a recipe, step by step. This enables you to structure your managerial approach and avoid blunders and clumsiness. For example: how to communicate better during one-on-one meetings, how to lead a team, how to delegate or even how to set an objective. No useless theory, only that which is concrete and directly applicable in the day to day. These recipes are also accompanied by tests and questionnaires so you can self-evaluate and determine your position. What is more, the book demonstrates a clarity and enjoyable readability that further facilitates taking it up. I strongly recommend it to those who need to manage their teams, both beginners and experts.

Emmanuel Tahon, Teamleader ICT Operations Process & Tools at Infrabel

July 19, 2016

More than just an umpteenth management guide, this book is intelligent, comprehensive and highly practical, taking into account all the dimensions of management with a particular attention to pleasure at work. I appreciate the many self-evaluation questionnaires to measure team performance. Keep this book close at hand for its clear and precise methods!

Chrystèle Verfaille, HR Internal Digital Communications at BNP Paribas

July 19, 2016

Though it may come as a surprise, there are still useful things to be said about Management.

Olivier Zara meets the challenge perfectly with this book, opening with the irrefutable observation that regarding most management actions, the manager would be better off doing a 180° on what he or she would naturally do, and thus acting “unnaturally.”

Within the pages of this book unfold 19 practical cases for managers, using a remarkable skill for synthesis and simplicity. It is evident that the author worked hard to make each and every instant of this book clear and straightforward for readers. The fruits of his labor is a book that is concrete, factual and ready-to-use.

Didier De Greef, Management Consultant at Erudis Consulting

March 21, 2016

One would think with all of the books about management and leadership, that all has been said. Olivier continues to surprise, with this his 5th book, engaging the reader to think the opposite about management than they normally would. Olivier’s approach is not only practical and operational, something sorely missing with many methodologies, but also humorous and easy to read. Integrate this with his ability to see things in a different light, you too might become an “unnatural manager”.

Michael S. Salone, CEO at 3-6TY - Previously Vice President Alstom University at Alstom.