The Digital Manager

You can download the pack after paying with PayPal.

The PACK of the book includes documents which are the digital version (Word format) of the tools described in the book. You will also find exclusive content: a self-diagnosis and a PPT for your digital sprint. Here are the documents:

  • A self-diagnosis of your skills on 8 dimensions of the digital management (Excel file). This assessment is only available in the PACK.

  • A guide to choose tools according to your objectives (Chapter 11 of the book).

  • A guide for managerial value creation (Chapter 13 of the book).

  • The AXIO matrix

  • The preparatory questionnaire for co-development in digital mode

  • The table to define the rules of delegation in uncertainty.

  • A PPT document for the facilitation of your digital sprints (augmented conversation)



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