The Tea Strategy

“The Tea Strategy is a book that truly impressed me. Over the course of the last twenty years of reading, it is one of the rare works where I found truly pioneering and interesting approach, methods and tools.” Alessandro Biscaccianti, Expert in Change Management and Teams’ Effectiveness, President of Transformactions

“Olivier Zara's entire collection must not be missed if you want to be a good manager, a good leader or just to enjoy your work. He replaces a panoply of coaches, corporate psychologists or ergonomists, and management professors. He gives the keys to improve performance and strategy in companies in a simple and pragmatic way, with an implacable method.” Romain HEITZ, Director of Innovation at Solutions Productives

A strategy to make your dreams of transformation infuse reali-Tea!

This book presents the 7 challenges that any organization must take on in hopes of continual development in a digital world that is more and more uncertain and complex. Faced with these challenges, in order to move quickly from intention to action, your success depends on paradoxical leadership and the Tea Strategy.

We therefore invite you to travel to the heart of new leadership, which will serve as the foundation of an unprecedented strategy for bringing your organization to higher levels of agility, innovation and engagement. Along the way, you will face 7 challenges:

  • The paradoxical management challenge: Between Order and Chaos, how can charismatic leadership and shared leadership each be articulated? How can the management of collective intelligence and Command and Control be made to coexist?

  • The agility challenge: You think that salvation lies in your business plan, but you will find it in your business dream. How can we balance planning and dreams in an organization?

  • The value creation challenge: sustainably creating value for all stakeholders. Value creation is linked to perceptions that are sometimes diametrically opposed between a company, its employees, its clients and its suppliers. How can value be created on one side without destroying it on another?

  • The engagement challenge: Between productivity and enjoyment at work, how can employees be engaged in the business without it losing its competitiveness?

  • The digital management challenge: A company cannot offer a 21st century digital experience to customers and medieval working conditions to its employees! How can digital management and face-to-face management be combined to increase collective efficiency?

  • The cultural challenge: When the culture that had you winning yesterday is also the one that has you losing today, how can you create cultural efficiency to achieve sustainable development?

  • The innovation challenge: When the age of innovation is stifled by the cult of action, procedures and productivity, what can we do to be sure that Design Thinking does not become Design Sinking?

According to Immanuel Kant, “One’s intelligence can be measured by the quantity of uncertainties that he can bear.” In a digital, uncertain and complex world, the Tea Strategy will increase the intelligence of your organization!