The Digital Manager

“A book that invites readers to differentiate between digitalization and digital transformation. Far from the typical works about the impact of technology on procedures and tools, it provides judicious answers to managers’ operational needs who are facing hybrid management. Indeed, it is urgent to help managers to reinvent their way of managing a team. At a time when Test & Learn reigns, this example-filled book by Olivier Zara is a valuable source of inspiration!” Sandrine Brandt, Director of HR Development at Harmonie Mutuelle Group

The Key to Success in Hybrid Management

Many companies are undergoing great changes due to the development of teleworking and new ways of working. The question is no longer whether you should become a digital manager, but how to succeed at it. While it represents a challenge, it is also an opportunity to work on fundamental issues: agility, innovation and especially engagement. All managers have a part to play in these changes. Their role is too important for them to remain simple spectators. They need to make an impact to become actors in the transformation.

Management should be the primary focus of your digital transformation. It is certainly easier to address the issues of change management, communication and improving the technical mastery of tools, but no significant progress is accomplished without developing the backbone of every organization—its management!

Designed as a practical guide, this book will help you:

  • Know how to hybridize in-person and remote working in order to maintain collective efficiency at the highest level.
  • Know how to hybridize written and oral communication with the Digital Sprint technique to better distribute the speech and improve active listening.
  • Master the eight key competencies of hybrid management: new roles; new motivation techniques; the keys to digital communication; best practices for managing your team, change and conflict management; the evolution of delegation methods.
  • Put the 7 laws of digital management into practice within an enterprise social network.
  • Identify the 6 activities that can be done remotely in theory, but in reality, are best done in person.
  • Discover the power of co-development in a digital mode.