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June 27, 2016

Olivier Zara is a good pedagogue. He makes complex theories accessible to operational people by using simple words and keeping the focus on action.

His well-structured thought allows readers to advance at their own pace. We know his passion for collective intelligence. He promotes it in the best possible way, by making it absolutely indispensable and placing the manager at the very heart of this challenge.

Olivier Zara is a humanist who calls upon every manager to have greater internal discipline in order to unlock positive energies.

Laurence Monnet Vernier, management consultant and lecturer – Former Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources at Right Management (Manpower Group)

June 27, 2016

An innovative work presenting a highly practical approach to management in a complex and uncertain world. This book is filled with concrete examples and invites all managers not to give up on their usual know-how but to develop new skills and cultivate their agility. HR managers will also like this book as well as those who hate change but loves progress!

Sandrine Brandt, HR Development Manager at Harmonie Mutuelle – Former HR Director at Dassault Systèmes

June 27, 2016

An amazing book that describes with logic and relevance why some of our managerial practices no longer work in complex situations… which are on the rise. I admire the author’s open-mindedness, his effort to simplify and his pedagogical qualities. This book wittily and effectively presents the major keys to developing agility and managing in complex situations.

Cécile Schmidt, Technical Accounting Manager at Generali France

June 27, 2016

I highly recommend reading Olivier Zara’s book The Paradoxical Manager. It is innovative (in the behaviors, practices and tools presented), relevant and inspirational!

Béatrice Thomas, Leadership Consultant, Speaker & Professor in management at HEC MONTREAL – Author of Devenez un acteur de changements

June 27, 2016

According to Paul Watlawick, if something is not working, it is not worth doubling the effort. Once convinced, we’re left on our own to find our way out of this dead-end. Here in lies the difference with the message of this book.

Olivier shows us the situations that require a different approach, and he tells us how to do it. This book is a paradox in itself since it explains complexity with great simplicity: easy reading, accessible solutions and quick implementations.

But do keep in mind that behind the simplicity of Zara’s writings lies profound thought and extensive practice. To anyone who is in a struggle with complex matters, do not commit Zara-kiri, read this book!

Emmanuel Balland, Project Director at Arismore

June 27, 2016

A pragmatic and frank book that pulls managers straight into the substance of the matter so they can self-evaluate without having to read 10 chapters of prattle first. I can think of several managers who would have loved to flip through the pages of this book to make their lives easier and avoid the troubles!

Hélène Dehaese, Naturopath Facilitator and Founder at Brut de Bonheur “Health Differently”, Former Senior Consultant in Change Management

June 27, 2016

This book presents a new management approach to help us take our first steps toward managing complex topics, with guaranteed tangible results for anyone who carefully implements the proposed techniques. Beyond the effectiveness of the methods, Olivier Zara’s approach can easily be put into practice in any organization.

The AXIO matrix, the reflection box and the Synergy4 method are concrete and easy-to-adopt tools that, for many years, have been giving proven results in businesses ranging from small firms to large multinational enterprises, in both private and public sectors. As a consultant myself, I have been exploring this subject for over 15 years. I have been using the methodological approaches presented in this book by Olivier Zara with tremendous satisfaction, and most importantly, 100% pleasure!

Stéphane Durand, Management Consultant specialized in complex projects