Decision-Making Excellence

Loss of time, meaning, trust and agility? Disengagement? Ready for a Dream-olution?

Do you make brilliant decisions very quickly, but the execution of your decisions turns into a nightmare: loss of time, trust and agility? Do you watch the wheel of your transformation turn over and over feeling as if nothing ever changes? Then it's time to start your Dream-olution by implementing decision-making excellence. This will require abandoning the paradigm of the heroic and omniscient chief who thinks and the employees who execute. Thus, you will be able to develop the agility of your decision-making processes.

Successfully implemented for more than ten years in large companies, decision-making excellence is a powerful approach to managing decision-making risks in a complex and uncertain environment: numerous stakeholders and expertise to be synergized in shorter and shorter timeframes.

Decision-making excellence is at the service of operational excellence. It avoids execution problems by integrating everyone's expertise in the co-construction of a decision that is both flexible and robust. This creates a sustainable collective engagement, because the team runs very fast... in the right direction!